What is the Human Rescue Project?

The Idea of The Human Rescue Project started while founder Chris Davis was working on a documentary on human trafficking for over 5 years. During this time he committed to make a difference of the injustice he witnessed. Cultivating relationships within the brothels and at risk areas of India, learning what it takes to rescue a life from the brothels, The Human Rescue Project was born.

We are working on fighting human trafficking on every level. From Prevention, rescues and aftercare we commit to ensuring survivors a better life.


Ways we are working

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Working years withing the brothels and at risk areas we have created relationships and the knowledge to effectively target and rescue victims of human trafficking. After rescues we place them in the best possible situation for integration back into life.



Rescue is only the step. Once we have rescue has been successful we do what we can to place our survivors back into society. Schooling, vocational training and finding the right enviorment are some of the ways we help.



Education is the key to prevention. We travel to at risk areas to educate the risks and warning signs traffickers use to lure in victims. Once education is in place the risk of being trafficked is significantly reduced



After a person is rescued we search for opportunities to empower individuals to lead an empowered life. Educational, vocational and healing programs are sought out for every rescue we do.


How we do it

The Human Rescue Projects team consist of recon, tactical and social experts. Each division within our organization is committed to ending the trafficking of human lives. Based in at risk areas our team works with a team of amazing non profit organizations working towards the same goal.

Ways you can help


Sponsor a rescue for only $30/month

The average cost for rescue and placement of a rescuee back into their home is only $370. That means for cost of eating out one night a month you could sponsor a rescue. In addition, our donors receive monthly updates with interviews, photos, and statistics on rescues to see exactly how their donations are making an impact.


Host a fundraising event

Get creative with your friends and community to create an event. The options are endless. You and your community can organize a car wash, gala or even put to use an already existing event. To qualify or a fundraiser click the link below.

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become an ambassador

Become an ambassador for The Human Rescue Project. Help us spread the word about how large this problem is, and assist us in raising funds to rescue. To find out how to qualify click the link below.